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PF40 Developed by Pininfarina

Eysing PF40 by Pininfarina

Eysing is a Dutch company born out of a passion for automotive design. The founders of the company have long begun to design and build for themselves an electronic moped based on the design of the classic Dutch motorcycle Eysink Alpenjager of 1938.

They started assembling in their parents' backyard, studied, discussed, experimented until they got three Pioneer driving prototypes. In 2018, Eysing presented the first Pioneer prototype at the Masters Expo in Amsterdam. The interest was overwhelming

In 2022, they entered into a large-scale cooperation with Pininfarina Company">Pininfarina. The PF40 model developed by Pininfarina has been designed and manufactured and is currently ready for order. The launch of the Eysing PF40 marks the perfect collaboration of Italian design and Dutch craftsmanship. The result was a new promising design, ready to push the boundaries of the luxury two-wheeled vehicle segment. 

With the vision of creating something futuristic that opens the same window in people's imagination as the "original pioneer". But with a design that connects the past and the future at the same time. Shared values, innovation and superior design. 

The Eysing PF40 was created in close collaboration between two design teams: a technical, innovative look that perfectly defines today's dependence on technology.

A few details:

Speed: 45 km/h
Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Voltage: 48V
Capacity: 35 Ah
Headlight: 12V halogen
Brake and tail light: 12V LED
Speedometer: 12V LED
Range of action: 100 km
Maximum regulator current: 50 A

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