MOTORWATT PROJECT MISSION: Popularization of environmentally friendly models of transport and creation of convenient mechanisms for promoting the ideas of a safe environment


The MOTORWATT project is an international platform for the popularization of electric vehicles, which includes:

MARKETPLACE - a convenient, multifunctional marketplace that allows you to place offers for the sale of vehicles powered by electricity, conduct sales transactions, and advertise the products of key manufacturers of electric vehicles
CLASSIFIEDS - listing directory for private and corporate sellers
DATABASE - a constantly growing database of electric vehicles with detailed information about the vehicles themselves and their manufacturers
SOCIAL NETWORK - own Community with the full functionality of a social network designed for communication between owners of electric vehicles
NEWS - news blog with materials on trends in the electric vehicle market, descriptions of new models, test drives and analytical materials on the topic
SOCIAL MEDIA - own YouTube channel, reflecting the main topics of the news blog and the most interesting events of MOTORWATT social network

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The MOTORWATT Electric Vehicle Database contains the main types of electric vehicles and EVs basic specs, as well as information about existing EV manufacturers.

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