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Fresh GMC Sierra EV Denali Looks Nice

GMC Sierra EV Denali

GMC Company">GMC Sierra EV Denali is officially presented by the GMC company. The electric pickup, which will be located one step below the Hummer EV, will not appear at all soon, at the beginning of 2024. The price will be 108,695 dollars. Like the related Chevrolet Silverado EV, the GMC pickup is based on the Ultium platform.

Thanks to the latest batteries, the Sierra EV Denali can travel up to 644 kilometers on a single charge. And when using a 350 kW charger, you can replenish the battery for 160 km of mileage in just 10 minutes.

The power plant, here is all-wheel drive. Two electric motors develop 754 horsepower and over a thousand Nm of torque. This is about 90 hp more than the Silverado EV. Acceleration to the first hundred takes 4.5 seconds. In addition, the electric pickup boasts an air suspension and a "crab mode", known by the Hummer EV.

Inside, the Sierra EV Denali is quite different from the Silverado EV. In the center of the dashboard there is a huge 16.8-inch screen responsible for all the functionality, and the 11.8-inch display acts as a dashboard. The Denali interior is finished in wood and aluminum. The equipment includes a Super Cruise cruise control, a panoramic roof, 14 cameras in a circle, a Bose audio system and an automatic engine start system, you don't even have to press the start button.

GMC Sierra EV Denali will be on the market early next year. The first to enter the market will be a special Denali 1 package at a price of 108,695 dollars. In 2025, the company intends to bring out much cheaper versions of AT4 and Elevation, the price tag for which will start from 50 thousand dollars.
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Thursday, 20 June 2024