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Xpeng CEO Mandates 5,000 km Pilot Experience Before Launching Flying Cars

XPeng AeroHT Flying Car

Xpeng's Leadership Embarks on a 5,000 km Journey to Elevate Flying Car Safety Standards

In a bold stride toward the future, Xpeng's Chief Executive Officer has laid down a challenging mandate for the company's flying car division leaders: amass a substantial 5,000 kilometers of direct piloting experience before their aerial vehicles grace the market shelves. This initiative underscores a steadfast commitment to operational safety and the anticipation of a burgeoning low-altitude economy poised to seamlessly integrate into daily life within the next few years.

The CEO of Xpeng, a notable entity listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker XPEV, voiced this directive to instill a culture of hands-on leadership within the company's aerial innovation segment. During a dialogue with the reputable 21jingji, Xpeng's Chairman, He Xiaopeng, highlighted the importance of this immersive experience for executives, ensuring they are well-versed in the nuances of flying car safety before these avant-garde products reach consumers.

"It's imperative that our leaders possess firsthand knowledge and experience in piloting our flying cars. This 5,000-kilometer journey is not just a test of endurance but a cornerstone of our safety protocol," He Xiaopeng remarked, as echoed in a recent broadcast by 21jingji.

He Xiaopeng envisions the nascent low-altitude economy gradually becoming a fixture in our lives, expanding its footprint over the coming two decades. This forward-looking perspective is anchored in leveraging automotive industry supply chains and manufacturing techniques to lower the production costs of flying cars, making them accessible and, importantly, safer for a broader audience.

The quest for aerial mobility innovation is spearheaded by Xpeng's subsidiary, Xpeng Aeroht, established in 2013 and a testament to Xpeng and He's visionary investment. In a significant announcement on January 10, Aeroht revealed plans to initiate pre-orders for its modular flying car in China towards the year's end, with aspirations for mass production and delivery targeted for the final quarter of 2025.

During an enlightening session at the Tech Day event on October 24, 2023, Xpeng unveiled Aeroht's developmental trajectory, focusing on an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) model alongside a modular flying car. This modular concept integrates a parent vehicle, designed to empower the flying car with an extended-range powertrain featuring 6*6 all-wheel drive and advanced rear-wheel steering capabilities.

"Wang Tan, co-founder and vice president of Xpeng Aeroht, shared his enthusiasm in January, proclaiming our modular flying car as the first of its kind destined for individual ownership," highlighted the enthusiasm surrounding this pioneering endeavor.

Despite the absence of a disclosed price point for this groundbreaking flying car, He Xiaopeng hinted during the Tech Day event in October 2021 at a target to initiate mass production by 2024, aiming for a price point below RMB 1 million yuan ($140,000). This strategic pricing is positioned in stark contrast to the offerings from Ehang, a competitor in the Chinese eVTOL market, which has introduced a more helicopter-esque flying car with a guide price of RMB 2.39 million, announced on February 2.

Xpeng's audacious leap into the realm of aerial mobility, guided by a leadership deeply immersed in the operational and safety aspects of their flying car technology, sets a new benchmark in the industry. With a clear vision for reducing manufacturing costs and enhancing safety, Xpeng is not just flying into the future; it's paving the way for the low-altitude economy to flourish, bringing the dream of personal aerial transportation closer to reality for the masses.

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