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BYD Yuan UP Shatters Records: 20K Orders in 3 Days


BYD Yuan UP Electrifies the Market: A Spectacular Surge in Orders

In a world thirsting for cleaner, greener modes of transport, the electric vehicle scene just received a jolt of high voltage news that's set the community abuzz. The BYD Yuan UP, a freshly unveiled all-electric SUV, has, within a mere triad of days post-launch, magnetized an astounding tally exceeding 20,000 eager anticipants. This feat not only underscores the escalating appetite for electric vehicles (EVs) but also cements the Yuan UP's position as a beacon of innovation and desirability in the burgeoning EV domain.

Unveiling the BYD Yuan UP: An Overview

The electric chariot in question, the BYD Yuan UP, made its grand debut on the 26th of March, sporting a price tag that ranges between 96,800 and 119,800 yuan (approximately 13,400 to 16,600 USD). Available in a trio of models, each variant is dressed in a palette of three exterior hues, offering prospective owners a spectrum of choices to echo their personal style.

Design and Dimensions: A Closer Look

Embodying the essence of BYD's Dynasty design philosophy, the Yuan UP boasts the 'Dragon Face' aesthetic—a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity. The vehicle's 'dragon eye' LED headlights and 'lucky ring' LED taillights are not just elements of visual allure but also serve as heralds of the brand's innovative spirit. With dimensions measuring 4310mm in length, 1830mm in width, and 1675mm in height, and resting on a 2620mm wheelbase, this compact SUV offers a balanced blend of space and agility.

A Sanctuary on Wheels: The Interior Experience

Step inside the Yuan UP, and you're greeted by a cockpit that's both futuristic and functional. An 8.8-inch full LCD instrument panel, a 12.8-inch floating central control screen, and an 8-inch W-HUD provide a digital symphony of driver information and entertainment options. The vehicle's flat-bottom four-spoke steering wheel and semi-hidden door handles further amplify the cabin's sleek aesthetics, while the BYD DiLink 5.0 operating system stands at the ready to cater to your every command.

Electrifying Performance: Power and Precision

At the heart of the Yuan UP's allure is its electrified soul—a front permanent magnet synchronous motor paired with BYD's cutting-edge Blade battery pack. This dynamic duo ensures that all models in the series are primed for fast charging, whisking them from 30% to 80% battery capacity in just half an hour.

  • The entry-level marvel: Equipped with a 70 kW/180 Nm electric motor and a 32 kWh Blade battery pack, this variant promises a cruising range of 301 km, with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 12 seconds.
  • The enhanced brethren: Boasting a 130 kW/290 Nm electric motor coupled with a 45.12 kWh Blade battery pack, these models elevate the driving experience with a cruising range of 401 km and a brisk 7.9-second sprint from 0 to 100 km/h.
The Verdict: A Resounding Success

The Yuan UP's triumphant entry into the market, marked by its overwhelming reception, signals not just a win for BYD but a monumental stride forward for the electric vehicle industry. As the latest progeny of BYD's e-platform 3.0, this vehicle not only offers a compelling suite of features but also embodies the aspirations of a generation keen on driving the shift towards a more sustainable and electrified future.

In the race towards electrification, the BYD Yuan UP has undoubtedly charged ahead, leaving a trail of anticipation and excitement in its wake. With its blend of design elegance, technological prowess, and eco-friendly engineering, the Yuan UP is not just a vehicle—it's a herald of the electric dreamscape, beckoning us towards a cleaner, greener horizon. 

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