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Lamborghini Electric Era Will Begin In 2028

Lamborghini Company">Lamborghini is already ready to enter the electric era, which will begin in 2028 with the launch of the first mass-produced electric model of the brand. This was told by the company's CEO Stefan Winkelmann and technical director Reuven Mohr. At the same time, it was emphasized that the appearance of the electric Lamborghini will not be the end of the brand's use of traditional internal combustion engines.

According to Winkelmann, the company is preparing a four-door coupe with a 2 + 2 seating formula and high ground clearance, fitted for everyday use. He also mentioned the partnership with VOLKSWAGEN Group, as it already was with Lamborghini Urus. This may mean that the basis of the electric novelty will be the SSP (Scalable Systems Platform) platform, which is being developed by a German concern.

Also, the electric car will receive a number of proprietary technologies that, according to Lamborghini technical director Reuven Mora, will fit perfectly into the world of electricity. In particular, he mentioned the use of carbon fiber and the integration of the battery into the body structure. This will untie the hands of designers and engineers from the point of view of aerodynamics.

We have some cool ideas to compensate for this, for example, regarding driving dynamics, handling, drift and driving behavior in general..

Mohr said

He also said that the use of an electric power plant will allow the introduction of "systems to control the speed of rotation of the wheels" which is not possible with a standard internal combustion engine.

But before releasing the first electric Lamborghini, the company plans to electrify the current line over the next four years, spending 1.8 billion euros on it. The Aventador hybrid successor will be the first to enter the market in early 2023. At the end of 2024, plug-in hybrids will appear, which will replace the current Huracan and Urus.

As Winkelmann explained, hybrids will not just be a stepping stone to an all-electric lineup. He wants them to stay as long as possible and does not rule out that "synthetic fuel" can play a role in "keeping them alive". Biofuels can become an alternative to traditional fuels and the company intends to take advantage of this. In particular, for new sports and racing models, as well as partially for those already on the market. In this direction, Lamborghini cooperates with Porsche, which is the leader in the issue of synthetic fuel from VOLKSWAGEN Group.

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