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On the 21 MARCH Ford revealed the new all-electric Explorer – a bold new electric vehicle that combines German engineering with striking American style. Explorer is the first in a wave of innovative new electric vehicles from Ford and forges the way ...
Many people notice the transition of Hyundai Motor Group from a simple automaker to a part robotic company. Now Hyundai Motor Group shows the world the first rays of the robotic future. For example, the latest robot presented by the company look...
Harley-Davidson launches its LiveWire brand of electric motorcycles. The first LiveWire One model can now be ordered (pre-order) in Germany, France, the Netherlands and the UK. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in the very near future, in April 2023....
The Chinese concern SAIC has revealed the technical characteristics of the compact crossover Baojun Yueye, which is very similar to the Japanese SUV Suzuki Jimny....

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MOTORWATT PROJECT MISSION: Popularization of environmentally friendly models of transport and creation of convenient mechanisms for promoting the ideas of a safe environment
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The MOTORWATT Electric Vehicle Marketplace is a trading platform for new and used electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging stations and EV spare parts. Here you can place an advertisement for the sale of an electric vehicle, as well as share your opinion about a particular model of electric transport in our social network.

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