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Toyota's Evolving Electric Vehicle Strategy: A Comprehensive Insight into Their Next Moves

TOYOTA Compact Cruiser EV

Unveiling Toyota's Refined Electric Vehicle Strategy: Insights & Future Projections for 2023

The electric vehicle (EV) landscape is continuously changing, and leading automakers are frequently revising their roadmaps to align with new trends and technologies. Last year, Toyota and its luxury arm, Lexus, unveiled electric concept vehicles. But recent reports suggest that the company is reevaluating its plans. So, what's going on behind the scenes at Toyota, and what could this mean for their electric vehicle aspirations?

Revising the Roadmap: The Journey Ahead

Reuters recently revealed that Toyota is reconsidering its electric vehicle strategy. The company had initially promised to launch twice as many models by the end of this decade. However, they are now pulling the plug on several projects, notably the development of the Crown battery crossover and the Compact Cruiser EV, which was designed to be the successor to the iconic FJ Cruiser.

Hitting Pause to Gain Competitive Edge

Toyota's decision to slow down is not merely a retreat. It's a calculated move. The temporary hiatus allows the automaker to improve its competitiveness through optimized manufacturing processes and reduced costs. Conversations are already underway with suppliers to identify potential areas for cost-saving measures. This strategic pause could ultimately lead to more robust and cost-efficient electric vehicles in the long run.

The Toyota Crown Family: A Brief Overview

Although details are limited, it seems that the Toyota Crown's electric crossover version has been shelved. The Crown family of vehicles has a rich history and adding an electric variant would have been a significant milestone. However, sometimes legacy must step aside to give room for innovation.

Upcoming Innovations: What's on the Drawing Board?

Toyota is committed to redefining its electric vehicle portfolio. They are expected to finalize a new roadmap by next year. There are three possible routes the company could take:

1.Develop a New Version of e-TNGA Platform: Toyota might introduce an upgraded version of its existing electric vehicle architecture to host new models.

2.Enhance Existing e-TNGA Platform: By making crucial changes to the existing platform, Toyota can better tailor it to emerging electric vehicle technologies.

3.Create a New Electric-Only Platform: This would be a drastic measure, focusing solely on electric vehicles. However, if Toyota chooses this route, we might have to wait another five years for new models.

Recent Product Rollouts and Challenges

Last year, Toyota unveiled its first-ever commercial electric vehicle, the bZ4X crossover. While it was an exciting development, the vehicle soon faced recalls due to critical wheel issues. To add more diversity to their electric lineup, Toyota also introduced the bZ3 sedan, developed in collaboration with Chinese companies FAW and BYD.

Navigating Challenges and Looking Forward

Despite recent setbacks, Toyota is not stepping away from its electric future. The collaboration with Chinese companies on the bZ3 sedan is a testament to Toyota's global ambitions. Although there have been hiccups, the company is poised to learn from these challenges.


As the automotive world advances towards a more sustainable future, Toyota is reassessing its role in the electric vehicle landscape. The changes to their strategy represent not a backpedaling but a recalibration of their long-term vision. The pauses, reevaluations, and potential innovations highlight Toyota's commitment to deliver robust, competitive, and cost-effective electric vehicles. It's a bumpy road ahead, but one that Toyota seems fully equipped to navigate.

By rethinking and revising its approach, Toyota is positioning itself to be a major player in the automotive industry's electric evolution. As we await the new roadmap next year, there is no doubt that Toyota's future electric vehicle lineup will be worth the wait. 

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