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The Citroen Oli Concept Looks Outstanding

The Citroen Oli

Finally! Now you can find out everything you need to know about the new Citroen Oli concept, and it's an electric vision for the brand's future. What catches the eye in the first place: radical new styling; Oli designed to be sustainable and affordable; 40kWh battery and up to 248 miles of range; vehicle will be ossibly on sale in 2030. The new Citroen Oli concept has been revealed in Paris, and this quirky-looking SUV gives you an idea of what to expect from the brand in future years. 

It's been designed to be as lightweight as possible in order to boost range, as well as being made from sustainable materials and built with affordability in mind. We all havwe probably not seen a car before that looks like the new Oli. The upright windscreen and the boxy design certainly make it stand out of line. The front end features some clever vents to direct air around the windscreen, as well as funky C-shaped LED lights. The windscreen is a completely flat piece of glass in order to keep manufacturing costs down. The side features rear-hinged back doors, as well as some massive alloy wheels. Around the rear of the car you have some more angular lights and an open bed a bit like a pickup truck. This will probably be covered for the production version.

The Citroen Oli concept has a relatively small 40kWh battery, however the claimed range is an ambitious 248 miles. Citroen plans to do achieve this by keeping the weight as low as possible. The Oli weighs just 1,000kg and is limited to 68mph. Watch the Citroen Ami review below for a look at another lightweight Citroen EV.

This weight-saving regime includes a new material for the roof and bonnet. It's a reinforced honeycomb cardboard coated in resin to make it waterproof. Not only is it much lighter than steel, it's actually strong enough to stand on. The weight-saving theme continues on the interior with some funky-looking orange mesh seats and foam floor mats instead of carpet.

The Oli also has no infotainment system, opting instead for a docking station for your phone and space for two portable speakers in the dashboard. This not only saves weight, but it also makes the car more affordable.

Well, looks really nice, but how affordable is the new Citroen Oli? Well, it's a bit too soon to say. The new Citroen Oli is just a concept for now, and you're unlikely to see a production version until the end of the decade. That said, a stripped-back electric SUV such as this could start as low as £20,000.
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