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New Era in Mobility

Mini E-Bike 1

New Era in Mobility: The Mini E-Bike 1

The Mini, an emblematic brand, is steering towards a new horizon. With its latest foray into electric vehicles, it's evident that the brand is future-focused. Taking it up a notch, Mini has entered the e-bike domain, collaborating with the prestigious French bicycle manufacturer, Angell Mobility. Their innovative creation? The E-Bike 1. Let's delve deeper into this magnificent merge of tradition and modernity.

Tailored for You: Customizable Comfort

The Mini E-Bike 1 prioritizes personalization. Whether you're tall, short, a city commuter, or a weekend rider, this bike is adaptable. Flaunting an aluminum structure, an avant-garde thermoplastic chain guard, and groundbreaking technology, it aligns with the elite e-bikes in today's market. The design elegantly echoes Mini's signature style, harmoniously fused with Angell's sleek aesthetics.

Power-Packed Performance

Driving the Mini E-Bike 1 is a dynamic 250-watt rear hub motor. Its potency is modifiable, either through its integrated digital dashboard or via a smartphone. The e-bike's energy source, a lightweight 2.1-kilogram swappable battery, sits subtly below the saddle, camouflaging as a potential storage rack. However, it's pivotal to recognize its primary purpose: energy, not storage.

Smart Cycling with the Angell App

Angell's dedicated mobile application amplifies the riding experience. It empowers users to tweak settings, secure their bike, and even track its real-time location with an embedded GPS. Prioritizing safety, the e-bike incorporates both front and rear luminosity, ensuring riders are discernible during the wee morning hours or post-sunset rides.

New Mini E-Bike 1

Colors That Resonate and Resonate History

The Mini E-Bike 1 graces the streets in two distinct hues: the refreshing Ocean Wave Green and the classic Vibrant Silver, a nod to Mini's timeless palette. As for its availability, exclusivity is key. With just 1,959 units set for roll-out, this number isn't arbitrary. It commemorates 1959, the year the inaugural Mini Cooper graced the roads. For those intrigued, the e-bike carries a price tag of approximately $3,716 USD.

As Mini takes strides into the future, its endeavors like the E-Bike 1 underscore a commitment to innovation, without forgetting the legacy that has been the wind beneath its wings.

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