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Audi Unveiled The Activesphere EV Concept

Audi Activesphere EV Concept

Audi has finally unveiled the Activesphere EV concept it promised last summer. The crossover is designed for off-road driving, complete with a strong bottom, lifting suspension and convenient ways to carry sports equipment. The rear part can be transformed into a loading area where there is enough space, for example, for your electric bicycles. However, it has a sedan-like profile and all the amenities of past concepts, including a spacious, bright interior designed to relax while the car is in self-driving mode.

Most of the specs aren't available (it's a concept, after all). However, Audi claims a power reserve of more than 372 miles and 270 kW of fast charging using an 800 V architecture.according to Audi, a 100 kWh battery can charge anywhere from 5 to 80 percent in 25 minutes.

The interior reflects Audi's confidence in augmented reality. Passengers wear AR glasses, which provide vital performance indicators (for the driver), as well as control of the infotainment system and virtual assistant. You won't find the usual row of screens or sensors, and the glasses can even track your health as you ride your electric bike along the track. When you are ready to take control, the dashboard and steering wheel will fall into place. Audi clearly expects you to only get behind the wheel occasionally, such as when you're driving off the asphalt.

Activesphere is not a preview of the production model. This is Audi's vision for the automotive business in the near future, not to mention demonstrating its technical prowess. The only question is whether the concept will affect future cars or not. Audi is relatively safe with its existing line of electric vehicles, which mostly revolves around the familiar SUVs and the Porsche Taycan e-tron GT. However, the brand plans to significantly expand its electric offerings by 2026, so we wouldn't rule out trips inspired by Activesphere.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2024