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Electric Volvo EX90 Details Spotted


Volvo continues to fuel interest in the successor to the XC90, which received the EX90 index. The premiere of the model is scheduled for November 9, but we know some details. In a special video, Volvo demonstrated a system of active dampers in the lower part of the car's bumper, a roof spoiler, retractable door handles, special-design wheels and window frames that form a single smooth surface - all these elements are designed to reduce air resistance.

You can also notice the unusual design of the exterior mirrors - they are located on racks with cameras. According to the Volvo designer, during the creation of the crossover, his team was inspired by the design of sports yachts.

Earlier it became known that the flagship electric crossover Volvo EX90 will be the safest model in the history of the brand - it will receive a Luminar lidar, eight cameras, five radars and 16 ultrasonic sensors that will track the situation around the car and become part of an automated driving system.

According to Volvo representatives, the accuracy of the sensors is so high that from a distance of 250 meters, the system can determine a person's posture, and from 120 meters at night, recognize a tire on the road.

The interior of the electric car will use 50 kilograms of recycled plastic and organic materials, and a total of seven different combinations of colors and finishes will be offered.

Production of the crossover will be organized at the American Volvo plant in South Carolina, on the same conveyor with Polestar.

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Tuesday, 23 April 2024