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The Potential Motors Adventure UTV Electric SUV Is Available For Pre-order

Potential Motors Adventure UTV electric SUV while tests.

In recent years, the field of off-road electric vehicles has been developing rapidly, and the number of startups in this fast-growing market is constantly growing. One of the developers of off—road electric vehicles is Canadian Potential Motors, a young company based in New Brunswick (Canada), which produces electric vehicle control systems for manufacturers of SUVs and low-tonnage electric vehicles. The company has now debuted its first adventure car with an all-electric UTV after raising a venture capital investment of just over $5 million.

This upcoming high-quality ground-based installation, based on Potential Motors' patented off-road vehicle control system OS, is being touted by Potential as the world's first adventure electric UTV. With impressive mobility capabilities anywhere, the Adventure UTV is equipped with a low center of gravity, a ground clearance of 12.9 inches and angles of approach, departure and breakage of 40°, 45° and 29°, respectively. The UTV from Potential, with a length of 178 inches and a wheelbase of 105 inches, also has a width of only 64 inches, which allows it to overcome tracks that are too small for traditional land trucks.

The interior volume of 2550 liters also means that there is enough space for storing equipment and equipment, plus there is a built-in shelving on the roof of the car, which provides additional storage space. The interior also has a built-in full-size bed, as well as a pull-out kitchen and several lockers for equipment. Built using all the equipment of the automotive class, this Overlander type van is equipped with a twin-engine platform that uses a four-wheel drive system with a differential. This cutting-edge powertrain eventually delivers 604 hp and 737 lb-ft of instantly available torque. Moreover, the car's battery pack also provides a real off-road power reserve of about 100 miles.

The Potential Motors Adventure UTV electric SUV is available for pre-order right now at a price of $136,000, with a deposit of only $1,000 required. The UTV adventure series is scheduled to be released this Fall.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2024