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Record-Breaking Terren: Electric Truck Conquers World's Highest Volcano

Aebi VT450 Transporter

Terren's Triumph: Electric Truck Conquers Ojos del Salado

Electric Adventure to Extreme Altitudes

Swiss company Gebrüder Weiss, known for its prowess in transport and logistics, recently achieved an astonishing feat in the world of electric vehicles. Their formidable electric truck, Terren, embarked on a daring expedition to the western ridge of Ojos del Salado, the highest active volcano globally. This remarkable endeavor pushed the boundaries of electric vehicle capabilities to unprecedented heights, literally.

Surpassing the Porsche 911 Altitude Record

While the Terren might not have surpassed the altitude record set by the Porsche 911 with portal axles, which climbed an astounding 22,093 feet (6,734 meters) above sea level, it still managed to achieve an awe-inspiring elevation of 21,325 feet (6,500 meters). This accomplishment not only showcased the electric truck's incredible potential but also shattered the previous record for electric vehicles, held by the VOLKSWAGEN ID.4 GTX since May 2022.

Terren: The Solar-Powered Pioneer

Terren, the star of this record-breaking feat, is a versatile electric truck developed by Aebi Schmidt, a Swiss company renowned for its agricultural machinery and heavy equipment. This groundbreaking prototype, based on the Aebi VT450 Transporter, boasts rear-wheel steering and a 90-kilowatt-hour battery, providing an impressive 124 miles (200 kilometers) of range. But the future production version is set to outdo itself with a 140-kWh battery pack, promising even greater travel distances.

Beneath the hood, Terren is equipped with a pair of electric motors, delivering a robust combined output of 380 horsepower. What sets this electric truck apart is its reliance on solar power. Roof-mounted solar panels spanning 86 square feet (8 square meters) harness the sun's energy to recharge the battery, ensuring sustainability even in the most remote locations. Additionally, an additional 301 square feet (28 square meters) of mobile photovoltaics come into play during sunny hours, providing an astonishing 93 miles (150 kilometers) of range after just five hours of solar charging.

A Journey to Remember

Terren's record-breaking journey commenced at the Maricunga salt lake, with initial exploratory tours conducted at 11,154 feet (3,400 meters) above sea level. The journey was filled with milestones, with the 6,000-meter barrier being conquered at the end of November. Just a week later, the electric truck reached its zenith at 21,325 feet (6,500 meters), relying solely on solar power throughout this extraordinary adventure.

In Conclusion

The Terren's triumphant ascent to the world's highest volcano serves as a testament to the remarkable progress in electric vehicle technology. This pioneering electric truck not only defied extreme altitudes but also showcased the potential of sustainable transportation in the most challenging terrains. Gebrüder Weiss and Aebi Schmidt's collaborative achievement opens new doors for the future of electric mobility, promising cleaner and more sustainable journeys to the most remote corners of our planet. 

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