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Electrifying Classics

Mercedes-Benz SL "Pagoda"

Electrifying Classics: The Resurgence of the Iconic Mercedes-Benz SL "Pagoda"

In the heart of the UK, Everrati, a distinguished EV conversion specialist, is redefining automotive history. By melding the charm of yesteryears with today's electric verve, they're breathing new life into legendary classics. Their latest masterpiece? The iconic Mercedes-Benz SL "Pagoda" of the mid-20th century, now reborn with a modern electric heart.

Everrati's Electric Elegance Meets Monaco's Luxury

This pristine transformation was elegantly showcased at the Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel in Monaco, adjacent to the renowned Formula 1 Hairpin Curve. A setting that befits Everrati's ambition to set a new gold standard in unobtrusive sustainable opulence. Displayed during the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show, the electric Pagoda, codenamed W113, was accompanied by an inventive Land Rover Defender, perfectly sized for superyacht storage.

Crafted in a mesmerizing deep blue hue, the Pagoda's cabin boasts untouched interiors, where plush leather seats meld with a revamped instrument panel. The classic design aesthetic remains, yet the traditional tachometer has been ingeniously transformed into a power meter.

A Legacy Reimagined

Making its grand debut at the 1963 Geneva Motor Show, the original Mercedes-Benz SL "Pagoda" succeeded the legendary 300 SL gullwing convertible. Deriving its "Pagoda" moniker from the distinctively curved detachable hardtop, the vehicle initially ran on an inline-six gasoline engine, delivering up to 168 hp.

Everrati's electric rendition hasn't publicly disclosed its exact power metrics, but gauging from their previous projects, like the revamped 964-gen Porsche 911, it's bound to surpass the original's prowess, potentially breaching the 400 hp mark.

The Visionary Behind Everrati's Innovations

Everrati's co-founder and CEO, Justin Lunny, articulated the essence of their newest creation: "The reborn Pagoda represents the pinnacle of electric luxury touring – a vehicle that respects its illustrious past while looking confidently towards the future. This car is not just an emblem of sustainable luxury but also a testament to timeless design, ready for the next generation. The surge in demand for such iconic, zero-emission vehicles is a testament to a revolution in the making."

We invite your thoughts on this spectacular blend of the past and future in the realm of luxury vehicles. Share your insights below.

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