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Mercedes EQ: more models – with even more range

The Mercedes-Benz brand is placing particular emphasis on the development of its EQ-line of electric vehicles: many production models have already been released, and the following novelties are being prepared. One of the most anticipated is the Mercedes EQG electric SUV. Firstly, this is an electric embodiment of the legendary Mercedes G-class, and the electric drive promises to improve both dynamics and cross-country ability at the same time. 

And secondly, the manufacturer promises for the Mercedes EQG the use of new batteries, the efficiency of which will be 20-40% higher (in terms of accumulated energy per battery size / weight) than current batteries. If we remember that for the serial flagship electric car Mercedes EQS, 770 km have already been announced, and the experimental Mercedes EQXX model travels more than 1000 km on a single charge, then the promised improvement in the battery promises us a noticeable increase in the range for future electric vehicles.

So far, Mercedes has only shown the EQG concept, which the company calls "almost a production study." The EQG retains the classic square G-Class styling, and Mercedes states that the EQG will still be an extremely capable all-terrain vehicle.

The EQG will be a brand new model of the Mercedes brand when it is launched. Presumably, it will appear on the streets of cities in the 2024 model year, which means that it can go on sale at the end of 2023. While the EQG will probably have a similar suspension and chassis with a G-class gasoline engine, the batteries and electric motors will be new to the G-class.

It is expected that the EQG will be equipped with four electric motors, one near each wheel, which will be controlled individually, which naturally should improve driving performance on the road and off-road. If the concept is any indication, the EQG will also come with a switchable two-speed gearbox for traveling far off the beaten track. The EQG will use the same chassis as the gas G-class, with a complex independent front suspension that should help when driving on the road, and a rigid rear axle.

Pay attention to the spare wheel storage compartment, in the EQG model it is no longer round as usual, but square, most likely an additional battery will be stored there! 

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Tuesday, 21 May 2024