Ample Introduced a Battery Replacement Station

Second-generation battery swapping station in San Francisco

Ample has unveiled its second-generation battery swapping station in San Francisco. This next step in battery swapping in the US is the culmination of thousands of previous swaps performed by Ample, which has now reduced the process to just five minutes.

In March 2021, Ample began deploying its first-generation autonomous battery swapping stations in San Francisco. Today, the startup demonstrated to The Golden City what it can expect from the next generation of battery swapping stations, designed for faster installation and even more efficient operation.

Using its experience working with companies like Uber and delivery startup Sally, Ample has been able to not only test its modular battery swapping technology, but also gather a wealth of data to meet customer needs.

The startup claims that electric delivery vehicles, in particular, can spend up to 10-12 hours a week sitting at charging stations. For passenger EV drivers in congested cities like San Francisco, Ample highlights the lack of reliable EV charging, especially for those who don't have access to stationary overnight charging locations.

Ample's solution is a second-generation swappable station designed to support all the aforementioned types of EVs, aiming to move more drivers onto electric while offering a side-of-the-road refuelling solution on par with going to a petrol station. Ample describes how its refuelling works:

As you approach an 'Ample' station, the vehicle is recognized by the station and its doors automatically lift. After a perfect park inside, the driver initiates the swap from the Ample app on their phone. Five minutes later, the driver is back on the road, resuming their workday. While this may seem simple, the next generation of our EV battery swapping system is a massive feat that took years of research and development, thousands of swaps, and over a million EV miles driven behind the scenes to make possible.

Ample describes how its refuelling works

Ample's modular battery technology not only expands the possibilities of swapping passenger EVs for final delivery vehicles, but its latest swapping station reduces the entire process from ten to five minutes.

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Sunday, 28 May 2023
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