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Power of Electric: Yamaha YZ Electric Conversion Kit

Yamaha YZ

Elevating Off-Roading: The Ultimate Electric Transformation 

Electric motorcycles have revolutionized mobility worldwide, offering more than just practicality and efficiency. In recent years, the market has seen a surge in electric off-road bikes tailored for enthusiasts. These machines demonstrate the sheer excitement that electric bikes can deliver.

However, in addition to the readily available electric dirt bikes, some riders prefer to take existing platforms and transform them into electric marvels. Enter the YZ-EMX by Electro & Company, a remarkable bolt-on electric conversion kit designed exclusively for all 2018 and newer Yamaha YZ-F dirt bikes. The YZ-EMX promises to match the performance of a 450cc four-stroke gas-powered bike.

Electrifying Tech Specs

At the heart of the YZ-EMX lies a robust battery pack, seamlessly occupying the space where the traditional gas engine resided. This lightweight 5.7-kilowatt-hour aluminum battery pack powers a compact mid-mounted motor positioned at the bike's lower frame. Generating 35 kilowatts of power, equivalent to approximately 47 horsepower, the YZ-EMX delivers instantaneous throttle response. Furthermore, the motor reaches a peak output of 50 kilowatts, translating to around 67 horsepower.

To manage this incredible power, the YZ-EMX relies on the TruMoto Zapper controller, which simplifies the adjustment of various kit settings. This user-friendly controller seamlessly integrates with iOS and Android apps, granting you full control via your smartphone. This feature ensures that you can fine-tune the bike's settings to match the terrain, whether you're conquering a local MX track or embarking on a woodland adventure.

Yamaha DNA with a Twist

One of the standout features of the YZ-EMX kit is its use of the Yamaha YZ-F series platform, renowned for its lightweight and agile characteristics. Electro & Company has skillfully incorporated key design elements from the YZ-F series into the conversion kit. This includes the use of 5052 and 6061 ladder frame mounts, optimizing rigidity and flexibility while keeping the setup lightweight. Remarkably, the entire build maintains a feather-light weight of just 242 pounds, mirroring the gas-powered Yamaha YZ450F. Additionally, E&C has achieved an almost perfect weight distribution of 47 percent at the front and 53 percent at the rear, enhancing stability and control.

Simplified Installation, Thrilling Transformation

Purchasing the YZ-EMX kit promises a straightforward and hassle-free installation. The package includes all the necessary brackets, mounts, and hardware for a seamless fit. However, if you're not well-versed in bike mechanics, it's advisable to have a professional handle the installation. The kit is competitively priced at $4,999, but it's essential to note that you must provide your own YZ bike for the transplant. The kit is slated for release in mid-December, with shipping commencing in January 2024.

The YZ-EMX by Electro & Company is a game-changer in the world of electric off-road motorcycles. It combines the proven Yamaha YZ-F platform with cutting-edge electric technology, offering riders an electrifying experience on and off the trails. Don't miss your chance to embrace the future of motocross with this exceptional conversion kit. 

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