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Unlocking the Potential: ZEEKR's Breakthrough LFP Battery Technology


ZEEKR's LFP Battery Breakthrough: Redefining Electric Vehicle Power

In a bold move, ZEEKR has showcased its own lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells, signaling a leap forward in battery technology. While LFP batteries are often associated with lower energy density, ZEEKR has engineered cells that defy convention and set new standards.

A Driving Force Through 2023

While many companies are winding down for the holiday season, ZEEKR is accelerating its pace. The automaker, under Geely's ownership, recently unveiled the 007 model at the Guangzhou Auto Show and revealed its ambitions for a US IPO. Moreover, ZEEKR has its sights set on a mass-market SUV, poised to rival the Tesla Model Y.

The ZEEKR 007 sedan is scheduled for its official launch in China on December 27, promising an electrifying entry into the market. Before the grand unveiling, ZEEKR has teased the automotive world with a live event dedicated to their cutting-edge in-house EV battery technology.

Powering the Future: ZEEKR's LFP Battery Technology

At the heart of ZEEKR's innovation lies their newly unveiled LFP battery technology. Crafted entirely in-house, these batteries will fuel ZEEKR's 800V electrical systems in their upcoming EVs. The standout feature? A remarkable 500 km (311 miles) of range achievable in just 15 minutes of fast charging.

Traditionally, LFP cells are known for their lower energy density compared to NMC cells, which has allowed companies like Tesla to offer budget-friendly EVs. However, ZEEKR has ingeniously optimized the energy density at the pack level, creating a potent yet cost-effective LFP solution.

Thanks to groundbreaking materials and streamlined design, ZEEKR achieves an impressive 83.7% volume utilization in their battery packs, surpassing global competitors. This enhanced energy density doesn't compromise safety, as the packs have successfully cleared six rigorous safety tests, including nail penetration trials conducted by the National Motor Vehicle Quality Inspection and Testing Center.

Even in adverse winter conditions, ZEEKR's proprietary LFP batteries outshine competitors in charging performance. The upcoming ZEEKR 007 sedan will be the pioneer to incorporate these batteries, with numerous models set to follow suit.

Charging Ahead: ZEEKR's Ambitious Infrastructure Plans

ZEEKR has its eyes on the future not only in terms of batteries but also charging infrastructure. The company intends to expand its fast-charging network to 1,000 stations across China by the end of 2024. Furthermore, they plan to operate over 10,000 360+ kW charging piles by 2026, cementing their commitment to convenient and efficient charging solutions.

As of the end of November, ZEEKR has already launched 407 fast charging stations, equipped with over 2,300 individual piles.

With the official launch of the ZEEKR 007 sedan just around the corner, we anticipate more revelations about the capabilities of ZEEKR's groundbreaking LFP batteries. Stay tuned as ZEEKR reshapes the EV landscape. 

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