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Mobile Robot for Charging by NaaS

NaaS Mobile Robot for Charging

NaaS Technology has introduced an automatic mobile robot for charging electric vehicles. How does it work? The robot finds an electric car, intelligently charges it and accepts automatic payments. 

The orange-and-white automatic mobile robot for charging electric vehicles is waterproof and shockproof, has the functions of deep learning, 5G, V2X, simultaneous localization and mapping, as well as other technological capabilities.

The Chinese company states in a press release that the robot can complete the charging and payment process in one transaction. Owners of electric vehicles can order a charging robot with one click, after which it goes in search of a car. It parks accurately, automatically connects to the charging port of the electric vehicle using a mechanical arm, charges, and then disconnects.

After that, he can either visit another electric car, or return to his own charging station to recharge again. NaaS states that it is available in various configurations of charging power and battery capacity and can connect to major OEMs using an open API.

Currently, the charging robot for electric vehicles has the ability to connect to the electric vehicle system via the basic API interface. However, the company did not say when the serial launch of robots will take place and whether this is the final product. The price was also not disclosed.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2024