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KG Mobility's Vision of Future

KG Mobility O100

KG Mobility has a vision of future presented in three new concept cars. Markings of concepts from KG Mobility: O100, F100 and KR10. We can start the enumeration with a bright yellow pickup truck. The O100 is an electric pickup truck based on the Torres EVX. It is made in a design emphasizing practicality so that you can enjoy the lifestyle of a city dweller and use the electric pickup outside the city for its intended purpose.

Together with the 0100, KG Mobility showed the F100, it is a large electric SUV, the design of which gives a mechanical and futuristic sensitivity to the bold image of a traditional SUV. The kinetic lighting block concept, which can be configured in various ways, can express the individuality of consumers and shows the direction of KG mobility thanks to the more advanced design of the front panel with digital gestures.

The KR10, presented as a mock-up of a design development, is designed to become an authentic mid-size SUV that inherited exterior elements from the good old Korando.

KG Mobility also introduced a new platform for electric vehicles. It is equipped with front/rear engines, so it is possible to switch between front/rear-wheel drive and two-wheel/all-wheel drive depending on driving conditions. The designs of the front part 3b1 and the rear part 8b1, which combine the functions of various parts into one, can increase the efficiency of space use, for example, the frunk configuration, and the use of a discharged battery system and an optimized design allow you to adjust the wheelbase. You can also expand the interior space. KG Mobility plans to develop an EV platform by 2026 and apply it to production vehicles.
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Saturday, 18 May 2024