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New Electric Coupe Crossover From Malaysia

Hiperion Motors Fosslin

The Malaysian startup Hiperion Motors recently presented latest model - Fosslin. The first trial batch of cars should be released before the end of this year. The design of Hiperon Fosslin was developed in the Polish design studio One One Lab, and its power plant was created in the USA. This is an electric coupe crossover, comparable in size to the Tesla Model Y.

The name combines the Norwegian words "Foss" (waterfall) and "Lin" (lightning). Combining these two words, you will get a unique and memorable name "Fosslin" for this luxurious and eco-friendly car, perfectly matching our goal - a future based on hydrogen and electricity. The car has a streamlined silhouette with a sloping arched roof and a high window line. The doors are hinged, and their handles are retractable.

In the cabin, the steering wheel is flattened, and the instrument panel is missing - obviously the data will be projected onto the windshield and on a small central display. Four separate chairs are installed inside. The equipment includes three-zone climate control, panoramic roof, heated seats and steering wheel, navigation and wireless charging for smartphones.

The Malaysian Hiperon Fosslin electric car is equipped with two motors with a total output of 487 hp and 670 Nm. It will be able to accelerate to 100 km / h in 5 seconds, and its maximum speed will be limited to 160 km/ h.

There are two versions of Hiperon Fosslin to choose from. The initial version will be equipped with a 95 kW hour, and its power reserve will be 450 km. Over time, a modification with hydrogen fuel cells will appear. The electric option provides an exciting and eco-friendly driving experience, fast acceleration and long battery life. Alternatively, the hydrogen-powered option provides equally impressive performance with zero emissions and a range that can be compared with traditional gasoline engines. 

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Tuesday, 21 May 2024