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FELO's Impressive Folding Bike


Chinese motorcycle manufacturer FELO recently introduced a new product "M One". The presentation was made at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2023. A new reading of the vision of the Honda Motocompo, the M One is a folding electric motorcycle that weighs only 37 kilograms with a power reserve of 100 kilometers.

FELO "upgraded" the classic design in its own way, making the M One lighter and equipping it with a 1000-watt electric motor. The bike is designed to fit in the trunk of a car, which makes it portable and easy to store. Its minimalistic square design has a folding steering wheel and seat.

The M One uses a miniature frame with full suspension and a 48-volt battery with a capacity of 20 A/h, providing about 1 kWh. According to the FELO company, this is enough for 100 kilometers of mileage. However, to achieve such a power reserve and power level, the M One will not be very fast. Riders will have to maintain an average speed of about 25 km/h.

But speed is not the main thing for M One. Its compact size and portability make it an ideal addition to larger vehicles. Theoretically, passengers can come to the city in a small vehicle from the suburbs, park on the outskirts, get an M One out of the trunk and drive it through the streets, bypassing traffic jams.

Another interesting feature of the M One is its V2L (vehicle-to-load) capabilities. Thanks to the 220 V AC 50 Hz outlet, the bike can power electrical appliances directly from the battery and the inverter. This means that cyclists can charge their devices on the road, making the M One a versatile and practical vehicle.

The M One is expected to cost around $2,900 and will be available in China and Japan. According to rumors, it will go on sale in the fourth quarter of this year. FELO's M One offers a unique combination of portability, power reserve and functionality, which makes it an attractive option for both passengers and city dwellers.

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