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Toyota Hilux Will Be Electric

Toyota President Akio Toyoda

Toyota built and presented an electric Hilux pickup truck, but did not name the parameters of the power plant. At the same time, Toyota President Akio Toyoda once again reminded that electric cars are not the only way to reduce harmful emissions.

Toyota celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Thai division and presented two new products at the event in honor of the anniversary. These are two concept cars and Toyota Motor Thailand specialists took part in their development. The utility truck IMV 0, for example, is addressed to private entrepreneurs. The idea here is the same as that of IKEA modular furniture: buyers will be able to design a car for themselves by choosing the right blocks from the available list.

But the Hilux Revo BEV prototype is universal. In fact, it is an electric analogue of a conventional pickup truck, but Toyota does not give details about its power plant yet. By the way, this is one of the company's contributions to the common cause of achieving carbon neutrality, although Toyota President Akio Toyoda does not approve of focusing on electric vehicles alone. He believes that not only society, but also infrastructure should be ready for the mass transition to electric traction, therefore he suggests paying attention to other technologies. For example, he pays attention to hydrogen technologies.

Toyota already has a fuel-cell Mirai sedan in its lineup, and recently the company said that it is working on a hydrogen Hilux. The Japanese received a grant for this project from the British Center for Advanced Engines, a non–profit organization that finances the development of power plants with low carbon dioxide emissions, Toyota Motor Europe undertakes to present the first copies of the Toyota Hilux with a hydrogen engine in 2023.

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Sunday, 19 May 2024