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Dartz Introduced Freze Froggy EV BEACHSTAR

Latvian company Dartz, known for its exclusive luxury SUVs, has introduced an inexpensive electric convertible Freze Froggy EV BEACHSTAR. It goes on sale at a price starting from 15,000 euros.

Details of the car were revealed on the manufacturer's website.

The New Freze Froggy EV Beach star is the cheapest electric car from Europe. However, Dartz cheated, because the basis for the car was the budget electric car Wuling HongGuang Mini EV, created by specialists of General Motors.

In addition, the Freeze Froggy EV Beach star electric car received a more powerful electric motor of 67 hp and is capable of reaching 105 km/h. You can choose from options with a power reserve of 200 and 300 km.

The winner's Edition was the first to go on sale. Its price is not specified, but it will be significantly more expensive than the basic Froggy EVENING. 

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Friday, 21 June 2024