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Dongfeng Voyah unveiled Zhuiguang

Dongfeng Voyah Zhuiguang

Dongfeng Voyah electric car brand has unveiled its third model for the Chinese market. The Zhuiguang electric sedan is about five meters long with a twin-engine all-wheel drive and has a power of 375 kW and is available with two types of batteries (82 and 109 kWh).

In terms of technical data, Zhuiguang differs from the first Voyah model, an electric SUV called Free: Free comes with an 88 kWh battery and uses either 255 kW rear-wheel drive or 510 kW all-wheel drive with two engines. The length of Zhuiguang is 5.01 meters (with a wheelbase of exactly three meters), width - 1.97 meters, height - 1.50 meters.

According to the manufacturer, the battery with a capacity of 82 kWh will be semi-solid elements. There are no more details about the battery itself. However, with a power reserve of 580 kilometers in the Chinese CLTC cycle, the car is at a level that would be possible with conventional batteries – unfortunately, as already mentioned, there are no details about the energy density and space for installing the battery. The 109 kWh battery runs on conventional cells and, according to CLTC, is capable of traveling up to 730 kilometers.
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Wednesday, 19 June 2024