Renault Introduced The Mobilize - Family Of Compact Electric Vehicles

Mobilize HIPPO

Renault Group has announced the launch of a new Mobilize sub-brand, which is intended to produce compact electric vehicles for carsharing and delivery services. The prototype EZ-1 was shown. Now three electric machines of different purposes have been made on its basis at once.

Mobilize DUO is a two–seat passenger electric car for its own branded carsharing. In terms of dimensions, it resembles a Citroen Ami and accommodates two people. The manufacturer confirmed that the DUO will be 50% made of recyclable materials and will be 95% recycled itself.

Mobilize BENTO is a cargo variant of DUO, designed primarily for delivery services. The volume of its cargo compartment is one cubic meter.

Mobilize HIPPO is such an electric trolley for cargo delivery in areas where the movement of fossil fuel vehicles is prohibited: for example, in closed warehouses or in central parts of cities. Electric transport can take on board up to three cubic meters of cargo weighing up to 200 kilograms.

The first details about the technical stuffing also appeared. So, cars will be equipped with from one to four battery packs with a capacity of 2.3 kilowatt-hours each and up to 9.2 kilowatt-hours maximum. The power reserve is not reported, but for comparison, the mentioned Citroen Ami with a 5.5-kilowatt battery can travel 75 kilometers at best. In other words, it is unlikely to be possible to go out of town on Mobilize cars.
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Friday, 09 June 2023
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