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Nice New Robot To Charge Your RAM

When you think about charging an electric car, you usually don't think about robots. But in it's quest to make the charging process of new Ram Revolution EV truck as convenient as possible, Ram Trucks has introduced a robot, that can autonomously charge your electric vehicle by rolling under it on its own. Just like a regular robot vacuum cleaner.

An inductive autonomous charging robot, as known as "Ram Charger". It independently connects an electric vehicle to the charging network. The Ram Charger robot will simplify charging at home as much as possible by identifying the needs for charging the car and automatically moving to a place and aligning itself under it to start charging.

More importantly, the Ram charger robot will have the ability to intelligently charge, which will allow it to send energy during non-peak hours (night tariff).

The Robo-EV charger, developed by EFI Automotive over the past five years, has a range of 5 to 10 meters with the ability to charge several electric vehicles.

The company says that the innovative system improves efficiency by 97% when contacting under the vehicle compared to systems with air gaps.

The planned charging capacity is 7 kW, but it can be increased. Production of the robotic charger is scheduled for 2025, a year after the appearance of the Ram Revolution electric truck.
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Sunday, 19 May 2024