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Arc Motor Company's Sustainable EV Conversions

Arc Motor Company's Innovative EV

Transform Your Classic Ride: Arc Motor Company's Innovative EV Conversions

Are you a classic car enthusiast who longs for the eco-friendly, silent purr of an electric vehicle (EV)? Imagine reviving your beloved 1974 Ford Bronco into an emissions-free wonder. Ontario-based green tech startup, Arc Motor Company, is on a mission to make this dream a reality, utilizing salvaged Tesla batteries and delivering this transformation starting at $75,000.

Turning Classic into Contemporary: The Arc Motor Company Story

Spearheading this groundbreaking venture is Sloane Paul, a trailblazing entrepreneur who made history as the first woman in North America to pioneer a business of this nature. Her mission? To not only enhance the performance of classic vehicles but to also contribute significantly to a net-zero emissions future.

Before founding Arc, Sloane Paul held the prestigious position of Global Performance Marketing Lead at tech giant Microsoft. With over 15 years of hands-on experience working with major tech and engineering companies such as Dyson, her journey to lead the charge in the EV conversion landscape was destined.

The Green Vision Behind EV Conversions

"When you electrify a car, you're not merely enhancing its driving capabilities and reducing tailpipe emissions; you're also minimizing the waste ending up in landfills," explains Sloane Paul, the visionary behind Arc Motor Company.

The Pioneering Transformation: 1974 Ford Bronco EV Conversion

Arc Motor Company has etched its name in the annals of history by completing the very first EV conversion of a first-generation 1974 Ford Bronco. With Tom Chep as the COO and chief engineer, this project promises to "pack plenty of punch."

Unlike a straightforward engine swap, the Bronco EV transformation required ingenuity. Most of the powertrain components were sourced from scrapped or salvaged Tesla Model S units.

Tesla-Powered Performance

Chep's strategy involved procuring used Tesla battery modules from a specialized wrecker focused on recovering battery components. These modules served as the building blocks for creating a bespoke battery system.

Upon completion, the Bronco houses an impressive 15 out of the 16 battery modules that once powered the original Model S. These batteries are securely housed in a meticulously crafted steel enclosure within the engine bay. With a substantial 75 kWh of energy capacity, this vintage Ford boasts a range of approximately 320 kilometers (199 miles).

While this range might not compete with modern-day EVs that effortlessly breach the 300-mile mark, it is more than sufficient for leisurely day trips and classic car enthusiasts.

Electrified Powerhouse: Beyond the Internal Combustion Engine

The transformation doesn't end with electrification; it begins there. The two electric motors propel the Bronco with an impressive 260 horsepower and a robust 346 lb-ft of torque, effectively doubling the original Bronco's modest 120 horsepower and 243 lb-ft of torque.

What's truly remarkable is the transferability of this technology. If you possess a classic vehicle close to your heart, rest assured that Arc Motor Company can likely electrify it. Notably, Sloane Paul and Tom Chep have their sights set on an ambitious project: converting a "monstrous Power Wagon" into an EV marvel.

Affordable Electrification: Arc Motor Company's Competitive Pricing

Arc Motor Company's commitment to sustainability extends to affordability. Their electric conversions commence at a reasonable $75,000. As economies of scale and declining battery costs continue to shape the EV landscape, Arc Motor Company envisions offering even more cost-effective conversion options in the future.

Reviving Classics with Arc Motor Company

Once you decide to embark on this transformative journey, expect a timeline of 2-3 months for the conversion process itself. To accommodate shipping and the procurement of parts, allocate an additional 4-8 weeks to your timeline.

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