What is The New HiPhi Model Y

HiPhi Y

HiPhi Y is a small crossover from Human Horizons. HiPhi Y plans to enter the Chinese market this year. Moreover, HiPhi will also enter the European market in 2024, so the Model Y will also be available for purchase in Europe. The car will be equipped with a powerful 115 kW battery and a power reserve of 810 km. It's really cool!

HiPhi is a high-end electric vehicle brand of Human Horizons, launched in 2019. Currently, its model range includes two cars with a bold exterior design: HiPhi X and HiPhi Z. They belong to the price segment above 500,000 yuan (72,500 US dollars). HiPhi cars dominate this segment in China, surpassing probably all other electric luxury cars.

But the number of its sales is not so impressive. In 2022, HiPhi sold 4,349 cars. Of course, its cars have high margins, but it seems Human Horizons wants to increase sales. Thus, they prepared for the release of a less expensive car with a price tag of about 400,000-500,000 yuan (58,000-72,500 US dollars). And this is a HiPhi Y SUV.

HiPhi Y is a mid-size crossover with a SciFi atmosphere. It received a low body of aerodynamic shape. Its front part received huge blocks of LED lamps. They are interactive, and the driver can customize the images that will be displayed there. Another feature of the Model Y is the lidar sensor on the roof. Also, all HiPhi machines don't have handles. Instead, they offer you buttons on the B-pillar and fully automatic doors. In terms of style, Y clearly stands out from the crowd.

The dimensions of Y are 4938/1958/1658 mm with a wheelbase of 2950 mm. Its curb weight is in the range of 2305-2430 kg. So the HiPhi Y is a pretty big car. But, nevertheless, there are only five seats in it. It looks like HiPhi didn't want to create a rivalry between Y and X, so they decided to make it with only two rows of seats.

The model offers two engine options. The first is available with rear-wheel drive and a power of 247 kW (336 hp). As for the second, it has all-wheel drive and a peak power of 371 kW (504 hp).

Now the HiPhi Y batteries have been exposed by the Chinese regulator. It turned out that Human Horizons will have two battery suppliers: FinDreams from BYD and CATL. BYD provides an LFP battery with a capacity of 76.6 kWh. This is only available for entry-level RWD HiPhi Y. And even with one motor, its range, judging by modern standards, is not impressive. It is only 560 km (unknown cycle). Moreover, for such a capacity, the BYD battery seems too heavy. Its weight reaches 547 kg. So it looks like this battery is not the best choice.

But the second battery option is much more impressive. It is manufactured by CATL and has a power of 115 kWh. And its weight is only 43 kg more than that of the BYD battery. HiPhi Y with 4WD will be able to travel 765 km on a single charge. As for the RWD model, its power reserve reaches an impressive 810 km. Given that this is a CATL battery, it will most likely run on an 800V platform. This means that it will be able to charge 80% in 10 minutes. This battery looks much more desirable.

Currently, the HiPhi Y is undergoing road tests in China.

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Tuesday, 28 March 2023
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