British Morris is EV-back

Morris JE VAN

The famous British brand Morris is back. The revived company will start producing electric vehicles in 2024, and its firstborn will be the Morris JE van. The new Morris JE is the most modern electric version of the J-Type model, which was produced from 1949 to 1961.

The van almost exactly repeats the famous ancestor in design -it has a characteristic silhouette, round headlights and the same radiator grille. The interior combines retro style with modern displays. The two-seater electric van has a cargo compartment with a volume of 6.5 cubic meters, and its load capacity is 1 ton. It will be followed by a passenger minivan and a Morris pickup truck. The characteristics of Morris JE were only partially declassified. The power and capacity of the battery are not disclosed, but it is known that the power reserve will be about 400 km. It will be possible to charge the battery by 80% in fast mode in half an hour. There are no other details about the power plant and battery yet, although the company says that the van is equipped with "the most modern lithium-ion battery." Morris JE can take on board 1 ton of cargo, and its cargo compartment has a volume of 5.5 cubic meters. Loading and unloading is carried out through swing doors in the rear or a sliding door on the passenger side. It is planned to produce 1000 Morris JE annually. It will be possible to buy an electric car at a price of 60,000 pounds (72,800 dollars).

The company says the electric van will be the perfect vehicle for "small boutique companies that crave individuality, as well as larger corporate fleets. For example, luxury brands can use JE to distinguish themselves from competitors." However, it is unlikely that this will somehow justify such a high cost.
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Sunday, 28 May 2023
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