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Cadillac Introduced The New Celestiq Sedan

Cadillac Celestiq sedan

Cadillac has introduced a production model of the Celestiq sedan. The new model will become the company's flagship electric car and will go into production in December 2023. Each copy is planned to be assembled on an individual order. Prices start at 300 thousand dollars and can grow indefinitely, depending on the preferences of the client.

GM Ultium is the platform on which Celestiq is built. The power plant consists of two electric motors, they produce a total of 608 hp and 868 Nm of torque. This allows the car to literally shoot up to the first hundred in 3.8 seconds. The huge battery has a capacity of 111 kWh, and the power reserve is 483 kilometers on a single charge. If you use a 200 kW DC charger, then it is possible to replenish the battery for 126 km of mileage in just 10 minutes.

A trip to the Celestiq should be as comfortable as possible thanks to the adaptive air suspension, which softens all irregularities, and the Active Roll Control stabilizers will not allow the body to roll heavily in turns. In addition, the rear wheels can turn by 3.5 degrees, improving overall maneuverability.

The model received original wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport EV tires, which are made using a unique technology and provide the quietest possible ride. Celestiq also received an Ultra Cruise hands-free driving assistance system and remote parking.

115 parts of the electric car are printed on a 3D printer, including some buttons, handles and interior trim. The radiator grille and the decor of the front fenders are made of cast aluminum.

When buying a Celestiq, Cadillac dealers will connect the customer with a concierge who will coordinate communication with the designer. According to the company's representatives, none of the sedans will be similar to the other, since future buyers will be provided with a huge variety of personalization options.

Cadillac Celestiq is going to be produced at the General Motors Global Technical Center in the American city of Warren. Moreover, the team will simultaneously work on no more than six cars. 

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