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Elon Musk REVEALS Lithium-Air Battery Which SHOCK The EV World!

By Alex Garin in New Electric Vehicles 417 views 22nd Mar, 2023 Video Duration: N/A
Elon Musk REVEALS Lithium-Air Battery Which SHOCK The EV World!
The desire for a battery pack that could drive an electric car more than a thousand miles on a single charge has been shared by many electric car owners. And for that reason Elon Musk’s researchers are continually developing new batteries to meet this ambitious goal.

Join me as we explore this lithium-air battery for electric vehicles that will change everything as the tech billionaire Elon Musk says.

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When it comes to EV production costs, Tesla promises to cut them in half, while Musk keeps his plans for a cheaper vehicle under wraps. Musk has referred to Tesla's battery technology as the "fundamental limiting factor" for the switch to sustainable energy sources and more inexpensive vehicles, thus the company will advance its battery technology.

The production of cutting-edge batteries known as 4680s has proved difficult for Tesla to scale up. On Wednesday, executives stated that it was probable they would reach volume production this year, but they also mentioned that they were still testing two potential production methods.

As lithium ions squeeze into voids inside electrode materials like graphite, current lithium batteries rely on intercalation. Because of this, the kind of energy densities that these technologies may achieve are constrained by the fact that the majority of a battery's space and bulk are devoted to components that do not help transfer charges between the electrodes.

The need to identify alternatives to one of these electrode materials has sparked a great deal of study as a result of these restrictions. Some attempts have used electrodes where lithium combines with air to generate lithium-oxygen compounds, while others have used electrodes made of lithium-metal. While these did in fact function in some ways, they frequently had issues that significantly reduced the amount of time they could be used.

However, a battery using lithium air for the second electrode and lithium metal for the first electrode is described in a recent research. According to some metrics, the battery performs admirably for more than 1,000 charge/discharge cycles.

Lithium metal has a number of issues, the most well-known of which is that it is very challenging to get the lithium to deposit uniformly throughout the electrode surface. Dendrites, which are spines that lithium doesn't leave in order to carry charge, develop over time from little abnormalities that initially started as minor irregularities. Eventually, the spines expand to the point where they short the system. The electrolytes through which the lithium ions pass when traveling between electrodes are typically believed to constitute the solution. Lithium-metal batteries can now work as long as many modern technologies, according to at least one company, which claims to have created an electrolyte.

There are several diverse and serious issues with lithium-air electrodes. The support material for the electrode must be sufficiently porous to allow air to reach the lithium and remain that way for several cycles. In order to prevent lithium from becoming permanently trapped at the electrode, the reactions it supports must not react with other atmospheric constituents like water vapor.

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