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ZEEKR's Remarkable 001 FR EV: Surpassing Expectations with Enhanced Power and Cost-Efficiency


ZEEKR's 001 FR Revolution: Breaking Boundaries in EV Performance & Pricing

Unveiling ZEEKR's Powerhouse: The 001 FR

In a recent milestone, ZEEKR didn't just launch its 001 FR shooting brake EV — it has astonishingly surpassed all prior speculations. Initial insights reveal a quad-motor EV that's more dynamic in power, swifter in acceleration, and significantly more affordable, with a starting price that's nearly $30,000 below initial estimates.

Previously, the automotive community was buzzing about ZEEKR's bold claim in August, where it branded Tesla's Plaid model as somewhat "mundane." As days unfolded, ZEEKR slowly unveiled glimpses of the 001 FR's capabilities: a massive 1,265 bhp, a 0-100 km/h sprint achieved in a mere 2.07 seconds, and the allure of other features like tank turns. Initial speculations hinted at a starting price in the vicinity of $136,700.

However, with the official sales launch, ZEEKR has put all speculations to rest. Not only is the 001 FR priced more competitively, but its specs are also even more remarkable than initially forecasted.

ZEEKR 001 FR: Stepping Beyond Borders

ZEEKR isn't just stopping with its successful launch in China. It's gearing up to capture global markets. A significant catalyst behind the 001 FR's enhanced specs is former Formula One driver, Kimi "Iceman" Räikkönen. Recently onboarded as ZEEKR's Chief Performance Advisor for the 001 FR, Räikkönen's expertise has been instrumental. As ZEEKR eloquently puts it, he is arguably the "finest driver" globally.

Together with ZEEKR's team, Räikkönen has ensured that the 001 FR is tuned for unparalleled performance — both on racetracks and mainstream roads. One noteworthy feature is the Räikkönen Mode, specifically designed for drivers eager to harness the vehicle's full potential. Furthermore, the ZEEKR 001 FR has the distinct recognition of being the first production car armed with the 8295 intelligent cockpit platform, enhancing in-car intelligence exponentially.

In terms of raw numbers, the 001 FR now boasts 1,300 bhp and a reduced 0-100 km/h acceleration time of just 2.02 seconds. Technological highlights include the integration of ZEEKR's first 800V architecture worldwide. This is paired with a powerful 100kWh Qilin battery pack from CATL, ensuring rapid charging capabilities. Moreover, the silicon carbide-powered motors, a ZEEKR innovation, utilize torque vectoring technologies, ensuring precise power adjustments and facilitating tank turns.

On the financial front, ZEEKR announced an MSRP for the 001 FR at $105,100 — a remarkable difference from prior speculations. With limited production plans in China, the future seems bright for ZEEKR's expansion.

There's palpable excitement as ZEEKR might soon be introducing the 001 FR to European shores, giving Tesla stiff competition. Although no official confirmation came during the launch, ZEEKR hinted at the 001 FR making its way to markets outside China soon. The anticipation is high, and the automotive world is keenly watching.

Stay tuned for more insights and updates on ZEEKR's global expansion and the exciting journey of the 001 FR. 

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