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New EV Brand Afeela by Sony and Honda

brand AFEELA by SONY and HONDA

A joint venture between Sony and Honda unveiled a new prototype of an electric car called Afeela during Sony's presentation at CES in Las Vegas. The brand will appear on the first production electric car of the joint venture, which will go on sale in North America in 2026.

Sony Honda Mobility CEO Yasuhide Mizuno said the car will use Sony's expertise in artificial intelligence, entertainment, virtual and augmented reality to present a unique electric vehicle

Afeela presents our concept of interactive relationships in which people experience a sense of interactive mobility and where mobility can discover and understand people and society using sensory and artificial intelligence technologies..

CEO Yasuhide Mizuno said
More than 40 sensors, including cameras, radar, ultrasound and lidar, will be embedded throughout the vehicle's exterior, enhancing its ability to detect objects and drive autonomously. According to Mizuno, Afeela will try to embody three main themes, including autonomy, enlargement and proximity.

The prototype presented on stage bore little resemblance to the concept first presented by Sony at CES three years ago. Instead, it was a sedan with a light stripe on the front, a closed grille and a glossy black roof. Black hoods and a slight accent over the wheel wells were among the most interesting exterior features. Several observers noted that the Afeela prototype looked like a cross between a Porsche 911 and a Lucid Air.

The new electric car will cost so as to compete with other premium automakers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo and Audi. Sony said it expects its software to offer subscription services, so vehicle owners will likely have to pay a monthly fee to access certain features.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2024