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Elon Musk: "This NEW Tesla ENGINE Will DESTROY EV Companies!"

By Alex Garin in New Electric Vehicles 600 views 17th Feb, 2023 Video Duration: N/A
It is virtually impossible to criticize Elon Musk for trying to fix things that are not broken
on a moral or legal basis because creative minds are always looking for new ways to
push the envelope and achieve the impossible, and because of Elon Musk's brilliant
mind, Tesla has dominated the industry from Tesla to SpaceX to Neurolink, and all of
Elon Musk's investments seem to be doing quite well. He has also become the largest
shareholder at Twitter, which is also doing quite well.
Tesla Motors' vehicles have undergone significant changes. In May 2022, the motor will
be considered one of science's greatest discoveries. A new engine was unveiled by
Tesla's CEO. Compared to Tesla's previous engines, this one seems flawless and
operates much more effectively. The new motor has undergone a complete makeover
and bears little resemblance to the other conventional motors. Elon Musk has provided
information about the upcoming electric motor that will be used in Tesla vehicles. There
are higher RPM versions of this motor that will be wrapped in carbon. Musk even
referred to the engine as "insane." Tesla's internal engineering team developed the plate
motor as part of the engine upgrade that was announced in October 2021. According to
Musk, the recently developed plaid electric motor would make it possible to significantly
reduce the powertrain's complexity while also enhancing performance and efficiency.
Tesla could simply replace its current lineup of vehicles with ones that have cutting-edge
electric motors because this new motor is so superior that it wouldn't need to make any
other adjustments.
These differ slightly from typical magnets. You are aware that the creation and
maintenance of the magnetic field in electromagnets require an electric current flow.
What this means is that the magnetic field dissipates as soon as the current stops
flowing, while a permanent magnet, as its name suggests, consistently maintains a
magnetic field. Every electric induction motor has a rotor and a stator inside the rotating
component, which is referred to as the rotor iron bars. The stator, which is essentially a
collection of copper wires wound into coils, stays static because it is immobile despite
the fact that things that conduct electricity are all around it. The stator is connected to an
electrical power source. When current is applied to the stator in this scenario, a charged
environment is created that turns the rotor and powers the vehicle. The issue is that
batteries can only supply direct current.

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