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Best Electric Boats 2022-2023 You’ve Never Seen Before!!

By Alex Garin in New Electric Vehicles 548 views 10th Feb, 2023 Video Duration: N/A
Get ready to set sail in style and comfort as we take you on a journey to discover the best electric boats on the market today. With eco-friendly options and cutting-edge technology, these boats are changing the game for water enthusiasts everywhere. So join us as we explore the top picks for the ultimate electric boating experience.

00:00 - Intro
00:22 Edorado 8S
Back in 2016, we heard about Dutch startup Edorado's planned electric hydrofoil, known as the 7S. And well, if you’re wondering the 8S is nothing but a bigger and better model of the 7S. Measuring 8.4m long and 2.5m wide, the boat has a regular carbon fiber hull sitting in the water. However, as it reaches the open water and speeds up, its retractable hydrofoil system kicks in, lifting the hull up and out of the water.

01:33 Enata Foiler
The Enata Marine Foiler is an impressively styled hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system with a retractable hydrofoil system that literally elevates the luxury yacht. The yacht is powered by two 320-hp BMW engines that power two generators that feed two Enata Marine electric-power torpedo engines.

02:52 Seabubble
SeaBubble, based in Paris, aims to redefine urban travel by taking to the sea rather than the air. Their new self-driving transportation service is based on pod-like "SeaBubble" boats that use foils to raise themselves above the water, eliminating seasickness and providing a smoother ride.

04:04 Manta5 SL3
Manufactured by New Zealand-based company Manta5, the original version of the vehicle incorporated a set of pedals that spun up a propeller which moved the vehicle forward. The rider's pedaling power was augmented by an electric motor, allowing the Manta5 to go fast enough to rise up and plane across the water on its front and rear hydrofoils.

05:26 FLYWAY
The Flyway, developed by the Slovenian company Highfly Water Sports, is an electric foil water scooter that can be piloted standing up, much like a hand jet. The jet begins to take off by gaining speed, but no technical specifications have been revealed.

06:22 Candela C8
A follow-up to its C-7, the bigger and faster C-8 Hydrofoil Speedboat emphasizes speed with an innovative hydrofoil system that lifts the vessel above the surface to reduce drag. When combined with an efficient carbon-fiber hull, the electric vessel will reach a top speed of 30 knots. It is powered by a 44-kWh battery, which gives the watercraft a range of 50 nautical miles, which, by the way, is three times longer than any other electric boat available right now.

07:38 X-Yacht X4 9E
X-Yachts, a Danish yacht builder, recently debuted its first electric-powered yacht. The new vessel, known as the X4.9E, is more than just an electric powertrain attached to a yacht; it combines three sources of power to ensure that the vessel runs greener than dedicated gas or diesel yachts while providing more long-range capability than a pure electric.

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