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Ford Territory EV Top Specs and Description

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г. Москва, ул. Зацепа 21

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Ford Territory EV Top Specification

  • e-car producer:
  • max speed (km/h):
  • battery (kWh):
  • 1 charge range:
  • first registration:
  • 0 to 100 km/h (0-60 mph) (in sec):
  • engine capacity (p.h.):

Ford Territory EV Top Description

Specialists of the Ford concern and the Chinese company Yusheng have modernized the Yusheng 330 crossover. As a result of the work, the car has undergone some changes in the front of the body. The new crossover will pleasantly surprise buyers with its price and modern design bells and whistles. For Chinese motorists, there are already five types of Ford crossover models, such as EcoSport, Territory, Kuga, Edge, Explorer.

In the front part of the body there is a textured design of a false radiator grille, on the sides there are original LED headlights. The front of the crossover is made in a peculiar style, such a combination of parts is perfectly assembled into a pleasant composition. An elongated hood, modern outlines of wheel arches and large doors stand out from the side. The original shape of the roof stands out here, which has a slight slope towards the trunk.

The rear of the Ford Territory is presented with stylish details, in the upper part there is a spoiler, then a window and original parking lights with LED filling. Below on the plastic protection are two trapezoidal exhaust pipes. Presented in China, the Territory has a spectacular appearance with elements of the Ford concern brand. The body shows the Ford trademark, but in fact it is a redesigned Chinese model Jiangling Yusheng S330.

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г. Москва, ул. Зацепа 21

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