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TOGG Was Officially Presented In Turkey


Global technology brand Togg (Türkiye'nin Otomobili Girishim Grub) plans to produce 20,000 cars in 2023 at its plant, said CEO Gyurk Karakash. The grand opening of the plant, which will produce the country's first electric car, took place on October 29 in the Gemlik district of the industrial province of Bursa, and the first car rolled off the assembly line at a ceremony attended by the President of Turkey. So far, the first GG model has no name, as well as exact technical characteristics.

There are only hints. It is known that the electric car will be supplied with one or two engines, two battery capacity options and a power reserve of 300 kilometers or 500 km, respectively.

Prices for the TOGG model are also unknown, but the start of sales is known – the first production cars will roll off the assembly line in February 2023, and official sales will begin in March.

Business associations are planning to place large orders for the first domestically produced Türkiye car. Pre-orders for Togg's C-SUV model will begin arriving in February, and some business associations have said they plan to purchase hundreds of them. 

We have informed about our requirement to initially buy 5,000 cars [Togg]. If more quotas are reserved for us, this number may grow to 10,000. We are proud of this project..

said Orhan Aydin, president of the Association of Businessmen of Anatolian Lions (ASKON)

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Turkish President Erdogan also announced that an agreement had been reached with the world's leading company on the production of Togg brand lithium-ion batteries.

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