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Segway's Electric Two-Wheelers: Xafari and Xyber - Redefining Urban Mobility at CES 2024

Xafari and Xyber

Segway Unveils Two Cutting-Edge Electric Two-Wheelers: The Xafari and Xyber

Segway has made waves at the Consumer Electronics Expo (CES) in Las Vegas by revealing two groundbreaking electric two-wheelers. In this electrifying unveiling, we introduce you to the Xafari, an electric bicycle, and the Xyber, an electrifyingly close electric motorcycle.

Segway's Bold Move

Segway's latest offerings, the Xafari and Xyber, both fall under the legal definition of electric bicycles in the US. While the Xafari aligns seamlessly with the e-bike classification, the Xyber exhibits a more Sur Ron-inspired design, distinguishing itself in the e-bike landscape.

A Shift in Micromobility

These two-wheeled marvels represent Segway's bold expansion into the micromobility sector. Alan Zhao, Segway E-Bike Division General Manager, proudly states, "We're thrilled to introduce the launch of our Segway Xafari and Segway Xyber, representing a significant leap forward in electric bike innovation. These e-bikes embody Segway's commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and unparalleled performance to our riders. With adjustable features, remarkable stability, and advanced connectivity, these bikes redefine what's possible for off-road adventures."

Smart Features Redefined

Both the Xafari and Xyber boast an array of intelligent features, including "active scene perception," enabling automatic actions based on the bike's surroundings. This includes functions like auto-headlight control, bike locking, and real-time power adjustments. These bikes seamlessly integrate with mobile apps for real-time data monitoring, ensuring you stay connected on the go. To enhance security, they come equipped with anti-theft measures such as hidden rear wheel hub locks, mobile alarms, GPS anti-theft functionality, and location-based alarms.

The Segway Xafari: A Trailblazer in Adventure E-Bikes

The Xafari takes the form of a robust adventure e-bike, featuring a step-through frame design and a frame-integrated yet removable 913 Wh battery – one of the largest in its class. Equipped with a rear 750W motor generating up to 80 Nm of torque, it delivers impressive climbing power and rapid acceleration. Although top speed details are pending, it's poised to be a Class 2 or Class 3 model, with further performance information on the horizon. The Xafari's design conceals hidden rear suspension above the rear swingarm, offering a full-suspension setup with 70mm of front suspension, 80mm of rear suspension, and 3-inch balloon tires, making it a formidable off-road companion.

The Segway Xyber: A Trail-Blazing Electric Trail Bike

While the Xyber technically qualifies as an electric bicycle in the US due to its functional pedals, its design leans closer to dedicated trail bikes like the Sur Ron or Talaria. With a robust motor producing up to 175 Nm of torque, it boasts impressive acceleration, accelerating from 0 to 20 mph in just 2.5 seconds. Although the top speed remains undisclosed, it's evident that it can reach 20 mph with ease. The base 1,440 Wh battery can be paired with a secondary unit for a total of 2,880 Wh, providing an impressive range of 95 miles (150 km). The dual suspension system offers a comfortable 120 mm of travel both in the front and rear, ensuring a smooth ride even on rough terrains.

As Segway continues to push boundaries in micromobility, these two-wheeled wonders are set to revolutionize the electric vehicle landscape. Stay tuned for more updates on their performance and availability, as Segway invites you to explore a new era of electric mobility. 

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