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Acura introduced a hybrid racing car Acura ARX-06

Acura ARX-06

The car will be shown publicly at Monterey Car Week. Acura Company">Acura, owned by the Japanese Honda, has demonstrated a new racing car Acura ARX-06. The public debut of the model will take place on August 19 as part of the Monterey Car Week auto show.

The power plant of the car consists of a new 2.4-liter V6 Acura AR24e with twin turbocharging and an electric motor. The total power is 680 horsepower, and the internal combustion engine is capable of spinning up to 10,000 rpm. The design of the combustion chamber allows it to work, including on low-carbon fuels.

The IMSA GTP championship rules require the use of a Bosch electric motor generator and a Williams Advanced Engineering battery pack in the power plant. On the shoulders of the Acura team lay the creation of software for the adequate operation of an internal combustion engine with a hybrid part.

In addition, according to the rules, automakers must choose one of the four approved chassis, but they can still apply a body that matches the design of their brand. The ARX-06 uses a carbon fiber monocoque from ORECA. The company has previously worked with Acura on the ARX-05 DPi. 

"We look forward to racing Porsche, BMW and GM in the top IMSA GTP championship. We are well aware that this is a big step for us. We have a lot to learn, but that's what racing is for," 

stated David Salters, President and CTO of Honda Performance Development
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