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nFrontier Miniature Electric Car UILA Presented


At the Formnext 2022 exhibition in Frankfurt, the Berlin company nFrontier presented a miniature electric car UILA, built on an industrial 3D printer Stratasys F770, which is already being prepared for mass production. Printing allows you to reduce costs and carry out some customization of each machine.

The electric car is built on an aluminum frame, and the body panels, steering wheel and seats are created on a 3D printer. The dimensions of the machine are 2.3 m in length, 0.9 m in width and 1.7 m in height with a weight of only 70 kg. Such a vehicle will be able to pass traffic jams and easily find a parking place, demonstrating high maneuverability.

nFrontier clarified that UILA offers a two-seat cabin (driver and passenger) and can travel both on public roads and on bike paths without requiring a driver's license. The battery capacity of 1200 Wh is enough for 60-70 km of travel, and the maximum speed is 25 km / h.

The built-in infotainment system works together with the owner's smartphone, connecting via a special application. The manufacturer does not provide all the details, but the functions of autonomous parking and calling the car to the meeting place are noted, in addition, the electric car can follow its owner when he walks. Serial production of the nFrontier UILA will start in 2024 in Germany, where the car will be classified as an electric bike and will be sold at a price "well below €10,000". 

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Sunday, 19 May 2024