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Radar RD6 Sales Started in China

Radar RD6

The Chinese multinational holding company Geely continues its expansion in the electric vehicle market. Created last year, the Radar brand began selling the first model in China - the RD6 pickup truck.

We are pleased to deliver the first Radar RD6 trucks to their users. So far the interest in the Radar brand and electric pick-up trucks has been immense. We hope to continue on this trajectory as we explore new markets both in China and the rest of the world..

Radar Auto CEO, Dr. Ling Shi Quan said
The presentation of the first-born of the new Radar brand took place last summer. The RD6 model will be the first in the line of electric pickup trucks and SUVs that the company intends to offer to customers in the near future. At first, the brand's electric vehicles will be offered in China, but the company plans to enter the markets of other countries with this brand in the near future.

In size, the RD6 pickup truck is inferior to the larger Ford F-150 Lightning, Chevrolet Silverado EV or Ram 1500 REV. The closest competitor is Hyundai Santa Cruz, but the Korean pickup truck does not yet have an electric version.

Radar RD6 has in its arsenal three variants of traction batteries with a capacity of 63, 86 and 100 kWh, which provide power for the electric motor. It develops a power of 200 kW (272 hp), and the torque reaches 384 Nm. Regardless of the version, all pickups will have a V2L connector as standard for charging from a regular 220V network. It also allows you to connect external equipment and accessories to the machine.

The version with a 100 kWh battery will allow you to drive more than 630 km without stopping, an 86 kWh battery will be enough to cover a distance of 550 km, and the smallest battery will be enough for a distance of 400 km.

Today, Radar has 52 showrooms and 24 branded centers in 50 cities in China, where they have already started selling RD6 pickups. By the end of the year, the company plans to replenish its product portfolio with another novelty.

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