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Lucid 7-seat Electric Crossover Gravity Revealed

Lucid Gravity

The opportunity to order Gravity will open in early 2023. The newest electric car will "get" to the USA or Canada only in 2024. Customers outside of these countries will have to be more patient. At the moment, the company does not even disclose prices. However, it's safe to assume that the EV will be expensive when even the "initial" Air starts at $87,400. 

The segment is for those customers who would otherwise prefer the Model X, Mercedes EQS SUV or Polestar 3. 

An automotive startup has finally unveiled its second electric car, a long-under development SUV. The vehicle will use the visual language of flight, offering up to three rows of seats that can accommodate seven people. It should also have a next-generation version of the Lucid cockpit with a touchscreen and presumably offer a longer ride range than "any other EV" non-Air.

Lucid 7-seat Electric Crossover - Gravity

The company warns that the design and technical specifications of Gravity are not final. However, what Lucid is currently demonstrating largely meets your expectations — it's a large truck for transporting people with advantages such as a panoramic roof. As with the Tesla Model X, the three-row configuration does not leave much space in the back for either passengers or cargo. According to Lucid, the rear space is "flexible", so you can not worry about your big load.

Gravity could be the most important EV Lucid to date, whatever it takes. The Air may be fast, but its sedan form factor limits its appeal in a market increasingly focused on SUVs. The new model can help Lucid reach a wider audience, even if the clientele will still be limited to wealthy buyers willing to take a risk on a young brand.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2024