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Swedish Company Has Made an 'Electric Flying Car, Finally Anyone Can Fly

By Electromobili in Sports 142 views 21st Jan, 2023 Video Duration: N/A
Ternstrom emphasizes that their products are not designed for travel or "jumping between skyscrapers in Manhattan." For starters, they won't let you in.
Under US law, these types of aircraft are not allowed to fly near airports or densely populated areas.
But the all-electric Jetson One, which weighs 190 pounds (86 kg) and has a 20-minute flight time on a single charge, was built to comply with US regulations that don't require a pilot's license to fly it.
To that end, Ternstrom and Patan see Jetson One as a kind of space cruise that can be used "just for fun."
Jetson One is not a physical aircraft they are developing, but a highly automated software system that makes it easy for even novice pilots to fly the Jetson One.
“The most important innovation in Jetson One is the flight computer and flight control system,” he said, adding that they can “put anyone in a seat and that person will be flying in five minutes.”

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