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Kangaroo Electro Specs and Description

ID: 287 | Added: 2022-03-04 06:04:21 | Country: Russia

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Price: 24 800 $

Member from: 04 October 2021

Kangaroo Electro Specification

  • e-truck producer:
    Addax Motors
  • first registration:
  • 1 charge range:
  • engine capacity (p.h.):
  • max speed (km/h):

Kangaroo Electro Description

Brand: Kangaroo Electro
Model: J2-P-01/01
Type: Manufactured goods
Release year: 2022
Number of doors: 2
Generation: I (2021–2022)
Engine type: Electric
Drive: Rear
Gearbox: Robot
Modification: 0.0 AMT (6 hp)
Chassis Length: Standard (3800mm)
Cabin height: Standard (1785 mm)
Cabin type: Single row
Package contents: Basic
White color
Steering wheel: Left
Load capacity: 600 kg
Number of seats: 1
Condition: New
VIN, body number or SN: R3W8***************
Availability: In stock

Electric freight transport is a modern tool for making money. A joint Russian-Chinese project, our own assembly plant in Kaluga. Before buying, you have the opportunity to test the car in your own conditions (rent 1500 rubles / day)
Kangaroo Electro ® - Unique electric car on the market
❗ For public roads - vehicle type approval has been issued - PTS, registration with the traffic police with obtaining state. license plates - passed all certification tests
Advantages:✅ no fuel costs✅ no maintenance costs✅ no consumables✅ no need to maintain a staff of mechanics and control fuel✅ speed is limited to 52 km/h, which significantly reduces accidents, truck for local delivery within the city✅ low cost of spare parts parts (windshield 4500 r, front headlights 8000 r, etc.) ✅ the ability to be more maneuverable, avoid traffic jams, park for free and quickly in densely populated residential areas. ✅ Fiberglass cab. No corrosion. Lightweight material. Body types: board, isothermal, refrigerator.
Savings compared to the operation of LADA Largus (largus), Renault Logan (logan), Kangoo (kangoo) Sandero (sandero), Gazelle and other cars with internal combustion engines - from 450,000 rubles per year (based on mileage - 200 km per day, fuel 370 thousand + TO 80 thousand)
⚡ charging from a 220 volt 16 A household outlet (this outlet is available at any gas station and is free of charge under federal law). ⚡ Fast charging from 220 volts: up to 80% - 4.30 hours, 100% - up to 6 hours ) - 2 hours⚡ run on one charge - up to 200 km? The volume of the van is 2 m3? Load capacity - 600 kg? Winter package
Two year unlimited mileage warranty. Buyback program.? Kangaroo Connect phone app (2022, you can track and control cars remotely, ideal for rental businesses and large parks)
✅ Cars available in Moscow. You can come and see. The price is indicated with VAT.
p.s. The payback period for this car is 2 years. The machines are already in use in Europe.

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