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The New BYD E2 2023

BYD E2 2023 interior view

BYD Auto Company">BYD, a Chinese automaker specializing in electric vehicles, has recently introduced the BYD e2 2023, a compact all-electric hatchback built on the BYD 3.0 electric platform. The vehicle bears a resemblance to the VOLKSWAGEN Golf and did hit the Chinese market on April 6th.

Initially targeted at the taxi market, the BYD e2 has since been repositioned as a family car. The design of the front has been modified with an enlarged BYD logo, new headlights, and a different bumper. Measuring 4260 x 1760 x 1530 mm with a wheelbase of 2610 mm, the car's dimensions are 20 mm larger than its predecessor. Additionally, it is equipped with roof rails for mounting a roof trunk, a small rear window, and multi-spoke wheels. The fast charging port is located on the right front fender.

BYD E2 2023

The BYD e2 2023 features a synchronous motor with permanent magnets that provides maximum power of 95 hp. It will also be fitted with BYD Blade batteries with a capacity of 33.2 kW.h and 43.2 kW.h, respectively, allowing for a driving range of 301 km and 401 km.

Inside the car, an 8.8-inch full-fledged LCD instrument panel and a 12.8-inch main screen will be installed.

With its reliable reputation and impressive features, the BYD e2 2023 is poised to become one of the leading electric vehicles in China's growing clean car market.

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