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eCitan Panel Van: A New Era of Eco-Friendly Mercedes-Benz Vans

MB eCitan Panel Van

Mercedes-Benz eCitan Panel Van: Pioneering Eco-Friendly Commercial Transportation

Mercedes-Benz Vans is pioneering sustainable transportation by announcing the local introduction of their CO₂-emission-free transport. Soon, an all-electric variant of their renowned compact van class vehicles will hit the roads, reinforcing their commitment to environmental preservation. In the realm of commercial vans, the eCitan stands out as a trailblazer, launching initially as a Panel Van in two versatile lengths: the nimble compact version and the spacious long version.

The eCitan Panel Van: Superiority in Compact Transportation

The eCitan Panel Van exemplifies the best features of traditional small vans, minus the environmental drawbacks. Its compact exterior houses a roomy interior and a robust load capacity, making it perfect for tasks such as urban distribution, service delivery, and shuttle operations. Its wide-opening sliding door and low loading sill height of 57 centimetres make loading and access a breeze, with an optional second sliding door for convenience in snug parking spots.

The eCitan Tourer: Rethinking Commercial Passenger Transportation

A boon to commercial passenger transport, the eCitan Tourer is crafted for maximum passenger comfort and accessibility. Standard features include a rear window tailgate and a second sliding side door, facilitating effortless boarding and alighting. With its 1/3 to 2/3 split-folding rear bench seat and multiple storage solutions, the eCitan Tourer promises easy usability in everyday life. Additional comforts, like tables foldable from the backrests of the front seats and integrated cup holders, further enhance the passenger experience.

The eCitan Advantage: Comparable Payload and Load Capacity

One of the eCitan's remarkable attributes is its ability to match the payload and load capacity of traditional Citan models. The compact panel van version boasts a volume of 2.9 cubic metres and a payload of up to 544 kilograms. In contrast, the long model offers 3.7 cubic metres and up to 722 kilograms. Depending on the version, the operational range spans between 280 to 284 kilometres (as per WLTP standards), adequately satisfying commercial customers' needs who often utilise small vans as urban courier, shuttle, and delivery vehicles. The 45 kWh battery reaches 80% SoC from 10% in just 38 minutes at a fast-charging station, thanks to the installed 80 kW DC charger.

Looking Forward: The Long-Wheelbase Citan and Future Developments

With the launch of the long-wheelbase Citan, Mercedes-Benz Vans continues to enhance its portfolio, addressing inner-city delivery and service traffic needs. Initially available as a Panel Van, forthcoming versions like the Tourer and Mixto are set to join the lineup.

The eCitan is not just a van; it's a move towards a sustainable future. It's where functionality meets eco-consciousness, making Mercedes-Benz a thought leader in the green revolution of commercial transportation.

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