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Mack Trucks Launches First Own Electric Truck

MD Electric

Mack Company">Mack Company">Mack Trucks has announced the launch of MD Electric, the company's first electric vehicle in the medium-duty segment. Although this is not quite true. MD Electric is the second electric car for the US market, which was released by Mack Trucks, part of the Volvo Group. Two years ago, the company already showed an electric garbage truck Mack LR Electric.

Mack MD Electric will be available in two classes - 6 and 7. The Class 6 model has a total weight of 11.8 tons. kg, and the Class 7 model has a total car weight of 15 tons. Mack Trucks has signed a five-year contract with the global manufacturer of electric commercial vehicles SEA Electric, which will supply Mack with the SEA-Drive power system. The Class 6 and 7 models will be equipped with SEA-Drive 120 and 180 power systems.

During testing, the equipped SEA-Drive Mack MD6 successfully passed durability testing equivalent to more than 800,000 km on one of the most difficult and challenging trails.

Mack MD Electric will be manufactured in Roanoke Valley, Virginia, where Mack began production of the Mack MD series in 2020.

Mack Trucks aims for 35% of its sales to be zero-emission vehicles by 2030. 

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Thursday, 20 June 2024