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Ora R1 EV Long Range Base Specs and Description

ID: 285 | Added: 2022-02-22 06:11:49 | Country: Russia

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Price: 42 000 $

Member from: 20 January 2022

Ora R1 EV Long Range Base Specification

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Ora R1 EV Long Range Base Description

Vehicle dimensions:

length - 349.5 cm;
width - 166 cm;
height - 156 cm;
The wheelbase, compared to the previous model, has become smaller and is 247.5 cm, which allows you to park comfortably. The ground clearance of the model is 14 cm. The model moves on rims with a diameter of 15 or 16 inches and tires of the form R15 165/65 or R16 175/55.
The main headlights are equipped with adaptive LEDs.

The interior security system is presented in the form of front airbags of categories ABS, EBD and BAD. For comfortable control, a dashboard has been added, in which there are two wells. The steering wheel of the car with a lot of functions.

The sound system consists of standard speakers and a 9-inch color screen. There is a climate control system and power windows in the front. The rear windows can not be lowered, they can only be opened sideways.

Additional functions:
assistant for parking in the city;
stabilizing system;
"Protection against thieves" with manufacturer's alarm;
driver's knee cushion.
The steering is equipped with an electrical part. The brakes on the front wheels are disc, for the rear wheels the drum type is taken as the basis.
The Ora R1's powertrain is located at the front of the wheelbase, making the car fully front-wheel drive. A lithium-ion battery is responsible for powering the motor; it is mounted under the cabin floor.
You can buy an electric car with two types of motors.
The power of the first is 30.7 kW / h with a range of 310 km.
The second is a little more powerful - 33 kW / h, which allows you to drive about 350 km without recharging.
Up to 100 km, the car accelerates in 5.6 seconds, and this is at a maximum speed of 102 km / h.
The lithium-ion traction battery is located under the floor of the passenger compartment, with a choice of 28.5 kWh or 33 kWh. Passport mileage on one charge according to the NEDC cycle is 310 or 351 km, respectively. The standard package includes a 3.3 kW charger, which can replenish the energy reserve in 9.5-10 hours, and for a surcharge, a 6.6 kW charger is offered, with which the process will go twice as fast.

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